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try again and again

2018-03-13 23:42:02 by ADisonBareMore


In again I don’t Know what to Drawing 

Maybe because i not have the inspiration

Or because i don’t know I Drawing for what

First it just because i love to Drawing now i want to show my artwork but seem no one cares 

It fine you can’t control some one to say “i like your artwork”

I gonna Drawing again until the day some one say “I like your artwork” on they own

Drawing again and again

2018-03-08 03:43:48 by ADisonBareMore


Sometimes when i post my artwork and no one cares it feels tried it feels exhausted

So tried to make new artwork or finish the artwork when no one cares 

On Facebook in my county art group they don’t care 

They not care about art other style except Japanese style

About the other art, they thought it was worthless.

But i don’t care what they say i love Drawing and i gonna Drawing again and again 

And I hope someone in here gonna like my artwork